Scinary Offers HB3834 Training


With a rise in social engineering attacks and other successful cybersecurity attacks, the Texas legislature introduced House Bill 3834 (HB3834) in an effort to standardize awareness training across all Texas agencies, local governments, and public schools. The standardization of training is performed by Texas Department of Information Resources (TX-DIR) through a certification process that all training must go through to ensure it appropriately covers required objectives.

House Bill 3834 amends Texas Government Code, Chapter 2054 (TGC 2054). The full text can be found on the State of Texas website here: House Bill 3834

For the 2019 legislative session, House Bill 3834 is one of the only bills that was immeditely signed into law and became effective immediately as of June 14, 2019 due to its importance to the State Legislature and the Texas Governor.


House Bill 3834 requires that all state government, local government, and public school employees and contractors that use technology resources, take TX-DIR certified training on at least an annual basis. The training must be completed by June 14, 2020, in the first year that the act is passed.

TX-DIR offers a 26 minute video training at no cost: Youtube: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) also provides free training to county governments: Texas Association of Counties

Our Services

Free offerings, such as the TX-DIR youtube video, only provide the training component. It is up to the organization to communicate and track training progress for all covered users.

The Scinary LMS is a turnkey solution to HB3834 support, you give us a list of users and we handle the provisioning and communication of account details. Our platform logs user progression through the training and provides a quiz after each objective to ensure their understanding of the course material. At the end of the course, they are provided with a printable certificate of completion.

Through TIPS-USA and Education Service Center partnerships, the Scinary LMS comes in at one of the lowest costs on the market per seat.