Scinary GRC Release


Scinary is proud to introduce our newest product that will aid organizations is understanding their compliance posture.

The Scinary GRC product is a web application based on NIST SP. 800-53 and incorporates specific functionality related to the Texas Cybersecurity Framework (TCF). In fact, this is the only application specifically designed with K-12 in mind.

The client will sit on a call with our analysts and will ask a series of questions related to the TCF. The application then calculates a score based on the answers provided. That score is then compared to other organizations across the State to give the client insight, not only on where they are related to the framework but also where they are in comparison to other organizations.

The most powerful aspect is, the Scinary GRC will produce reporting to the organization complete with a proposed 12-month plan for administrators, stakeholders and IT professionals to guide them increasing their security posture.

In combination with our internal cybersecurity assessments, external scanning and penetration testing, as well as our Centurion managed detection response appliance, the Scinary GRC is the final piece to our service offering to provide turnkey cybersecurity support to organizations.

Finally, with the Scinary GRC, we now have the ability to aggregate data across the State of Texas and provide that data to administrative agencies with the hope that the data can be used to enhance cybersecurity across the State.



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