Audit and Compliance from Experienced Professionals

Audit & Compliance

In today’s highly regulated environments it is important that your organization can provide evidence of compliance.

Today, most companies in every industry rely heavily on information technology (IT) and information systems to support their various business units. Therefore, any risk to a company’s IT infrastructure is a risk to its business processes and well being, as well. Having strong IT controls minimizes technology risk and safeguards an organization’s critical business processes.

Scinary’s IT audit services are designed to identify and evaluate the quantity of risks and the quality of the controls and security measures in place over information systems. The most critical objective of the IT examination is evaluating the protection of critical assets within the information systems.

Our methodology starts with gaining an understanding of the industry you are in as it relates to technology. Once we have an understanding we can begin documenting risks. We then craft assessment questionnaires based on those risks for your technology team to answer. This will allow us to document your internal control structure. Once we have all the pieces in place, we present you with a report specific to your industry and your own control environment

Scinary has vast experience in conducting risk assessments. While we can illustrate the “big picture” with our assessments, we prefer to assess specific areas of technology delivery. This allows for material concerns to be addressed without exposing the organization to more risk than it can manage and presenting undue stress on technology departments